Mice Heist is now available in the app store!

Mice Heist is now available for download on the app store! Download it now at an introductory price of 99c!

Mice Heist for iPhone iPad Approved! Release Date: June 8th!

Mice Heist has passed Apple approval! Considering what has been said about Apple’s approval process, getting through the first time without a hitch is a god-send. Ok, ok. Apple has definitely redeemed themselves. 18 hours from review process start to finish, and that’s straight from start to finish. We’d imagine the reviewer went home and […]

Mice Heist for iPhone iPad Delayed by Apple

Unfortunately, Mice Heist is still sitting in the queue for approval by Apple. Typically, this takes only about a week, which is why the release date was set for June 1st. It seems that there is an influx of apps (most likely for the iPad), which has caused a delay. Stay tuned by following us […]