Coin Toss Challenge Available Now!

Take the challenge! Test your skill! Impress your friends!
Featuring the latest in retro technology, you’ll be amazed at the Single Transistor ™ design!

Coin Toss Challenge has been known to *:
– Reduce stress
– Aid your friendships
– Make you the life of the party
– Bring about world peace
– Aid in the development of space rockets that look like chrome coffee pots

*Trickshot Games Inc. provides no guarantee that Coin Toss Challenge will enhance your social life, bring about Utopia, provide happiness and/or enlightenment, and/or revolutionize technology. It “might” though but we don’t know for sure.

How to play:
– Swipe up on the screen to throw the coin.
– Wait for the right timing, then tap the screen to catch the coin.
Every 5 points, the difficulty will increase.
You may see it go faster, slower, and you might have to do it without the retronome at times!

In a hurry? No problem! Coin Toss Challenge keeps track of your score so you can put it away at any time and continue later! Now isn’t that swell?

DOWNLOAD from iTunes NOW!


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