Trickshot Games collaborates with Jason Fieldman

Trickshot Games recently provided art services for Jason Fieldman’s Theseus HD for the Apple iPad.

Theseus was originally released on the iPhone, and Jason decided that he wanted to make a version specifically for the iPad. Jason commissioned Trickshot Games to do the art, with the ending result being a very fun and good looking Theseus HD for iPad.

Based on an original concept from puzzle-master Robert Abbott, Theseus is a refreshing twist on the traditional maze. As Theseus, you must reach the exit of the labyrinth while avoiding the terrible Minotaur. The Minotaur is twice as fast you, but follows a strict set of rules that you can use to outsmart him.

More info can be found on Jason Fieldman’s Theseus HD website.

Do check it out, as it is a very well designed puzzle game!

What’s Hot? Mice Heist.

In addition to Mice Heist reaching Top 50 in Action in the US App store, we’ve managed to get on the New and Noteworthy, and now on the What’s Hot list! Mice Heist is THAT GOOD.

So we’re extending our 99c sale to June 22nd! If you haven’t done so yet, go buy it!

If you’re looking for a new, fresh game with frantic but enjoyable intuitive gameplay and adorable characters with great artwork, then you need to get Mice Heist!

Mice Heist Reaches Top 50!!

Mice Heist has reached top 50 in the Action Games subcategory in the US App Store!
It’s steadily climbing in Japan as well!

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